Sarah Werrell

sarah werrellSarah Werrell was first introduced to yoga as a teenager by her father who was an Iyengar teacher in the 1970's. After a fulfilling career as a midwife here, but unfortunately ensuing back problems, Sarah moved to Spain. There she found Iyengar yoga again, and successfully trained as a teacher in 2007. She has been teaching ever since, and loves it!

She returned to the UK in 2010. In summer 2011 she visited the Iyengar Institute in India to deepen her practice. While there she had the honour to meet Mr Iyengar, Guruji, the man who has dedicated his life, body and soul to yoga.

"Yoga not only keeps me healthy but sustains and nourishes me through the ups and downs of life. My mission is to do my best to help and inspire others to do yoga in the same way as I have been helped and inspired," says Sarah.

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