Ignazio Dentici

Ignazio has now been practicing Deep Meditation daily with many periods of retreat and intense practice for the past 16 years. He has been a qualified teacher facilitating courses on Deep Meditation and Self-Knowledge from the MPA school for the past 7 years as well as delivering regular classes and seminars on The Spiritual Side of Yoga, which include practices like Spinal Breathing Pranayama, the use of mudras and bandhas , Deep Meditation as well as  Self-Enquiry .

As a scientist (chemical engineer), Ignazio has kept up-to-date with recent studies on the neuro-biological and psychological benefits of Meditation, on which he regularly delivers talks. 

Ignazio is also a hypnosis practitioner both in the UK as well as in Italy. 
The more recent practice of hypnosis has further expanded Ignazio's horizons on the role of the subconscious mind in one's own personal and inner journeys.



The main goal of the class is to guide and provide the participants with tools, knowledge and practical techniques to learn and practice meditation and deep meditation.


The length of the class is of 10 sessions of 1 hours each. 


The techniques/meditations that will be shared and taught are based on the MPA school of meditation as well as on modern psychology and ancient Yogic techniques. 

Topics covered, along with meditation, will be:Deep Relaxation: Descent to Zero- Basics and posture

1.Awareness , inner concentration & letting go

2.Focus : Relaxation and silence of the body

3.Focus: Relaxation and silence of the emotions

4.Focus: Relaxation and silence of the mind

5.The breath, before meditation and in meditation

6.Concept of Inner Harmony for meditation

7.Inner place of Relaxation

8.Deep Meditation

9.Summary and practice

The indicative/flexible schedule for each session is as follows:


20min of theory
20-25 min of practice (guided meditation)
5-10 min further instructions and questions



The course will be held the beautiful Yoga Central Plus.
1-3 Greys Road






The cost of the class is:


£90. Advanced Payment in full 


£100. £50 advanced booking  + £5/session on the day.




Attendance to all sessions (within reason) is strongly encouraged . However, in order to leave some level of flexibility, if you really would like join, but cannot make the first or second date, you may be able to join from the 3rd date at the latest. 




To book your spot on this course (or for general info on meditation and courses) please contact me at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or on 07531369589.


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